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Today on February 3rd 2013, Beyonce Knowles will take the stage during one of the most anticipated Super Bowl halftime performances ever.  As a huge Beyonce fan, I’m eager to tune in and watch Queen Bey shut it down in a way that only she can.  Aside from a series of photos and two behind-the-scenes videos, the nature of the performance has been kept very hush, hush, leaving fans around the world to only speculate or even fantasize about this special performance.  I myself have thought long and hard about what to expect tonight, and I’ve made a collage featuring a few of the things I’m hoping to see during halftime.

Let’s start with the fashion.  Beyonce is an undeniable tastemaker, so whatever she wears tonight is going to push every boundary in the book.  She’s definitely going to stand out, and I’m sure she can do that in the Versace train dress or Matthew Williamson dress I posted above.  As for the shoes, we can expect Beyonce in a sparkly pair of Christian Louboutin’s, considering they have become somewhat of a signature for Ms. Knowles.  Whatever she wears tonight is going to be form fitting and flashy, so that millions around the world can take note of her beautifully toned body.

As for the songs I’m expecting Beyonce to perform, I’m thinking a whole lot of “Countdown” a little bit of “Diva” maybe some “Get Me Bodied” and hopefully some “Single Ladies”.  Even though I’m excited for Beyonce’s solo performance I can’t help but hope that Beyonce brings out her former Destiny’s Child group mates Kelly and Michelle to perform songs like “Loose My Breathe” and “Survivor.”  Another amazing treat would be for the King Hov himself to surprise everyone with a rhyme from “Bonnie & Clyde” or “Upgrade You”.

No matter what happens on that stage tonight, I have no doubt in my mind that this performance is going to go down in pop culture history.  I may not be rooting for any particular team, but I’m definitely putting my money on Beyonce.  “Any questions?”
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Beyonce shares behind the scenes footage of her Super Bowl halftime show rehearsal
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Queen Bey is all about business from day 1, this video left millions of people wanting more.
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Photos & Videos From Beyonce’s Tumblr

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